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January 22, 2024

Many stores and malls utilize cardboard pop displays or custom cardboard displays to entice consumers to check and buy their products. Several studies have shown that this boosts retail sales by 20%. Compared to wooden displays, custom cardboard displays provide a number of benefits. These displays work best when placed in strategic store areas near the register or point of sale, where customers can see the products displayed while they wait to pay. In addition to enticing buyers to make a purchase, attractive POP and POS displays provide other benefits, and some of them are explained below.

1. An Affordable Option

One inexpensive marketing tactic for short-term use is custom cardboard displays. When compared to displays made of plastic, metal, or any other material, their production costs are lower, mostly because they are lightweight. Cardboard also has a lower transportation cost.


Custom cardboard displays are the most cost-effective material right now in the industry, even if there are alternatives with longer lifespans. Instead of investing a sum of money on a temporary display, you should replace your point-of-purchase model with fresh merchandise. Without breaking the bank on only the design, you may have the high-quality, fully customized display of your dreams.


For a fair fee, you may have corrugated cardboard displays printed with any text or image you choose. Some materials may need a chemical treatment to bring out the colors more clearly, or specialized inks to ensure complete saturation.

2. Fast Manufacturing

The rapid implementation of your product plan is made feasible by the ease of manufacturing cardboard displays. Stands that are constructed from alternative materials need more time and, in certain cases, more costly equipment.


When it comes to display materials,custom cardboard displays are among the most accommodating in terms of shaping, cutting, and structural support. This feature explains why many industries use it as product packaging and display boxes. A new and improved version can be quickly created upon request if you want to make changes to a design before releasing it to your shop partners. This marketing product is particularly well-suited for seasonal projects.


When it comes to product testing or promoting limited edition goods, cardboard is often a good choice. You can easily update an outdated design or fix any problems with it while working with cardboard because of how simple it is to make adjustments.

3. Simple to Use

Once your custom cardboard displays arrive at the store, it is sometimes the responsibility of the personnel to assemble the point-of-purchase display. In most cases, you won't need any tools to assemble a custom cardboard display. These stands come with simple-to-use instructions and can be readily put together at your stores without the need for heavy equipment and skillsmanship.


Displays made of cardboard are simple to construct, lightweight, and shippable. With little effort, the merchandiser can refill your items and relocate the empty display to satisfy demand. They are compact enough to fit in the trunk of most cars when taken apart.

4. More Durable Than Other Alternatives

Despite cardboard's lightweight and cheap nature, cardboard point-of-purchase displays may endure a lot of wear and tear and persist throughout a marketing campaign. The high level of physical integrity is an intentional design feature of these cardboards.


Instead of utilizing cardboard, you may use a waterproof solution if you think your product display will be exposed to dampness. Aside from that one downside, cardboard is quite long-lasting and safe to use. When you get other materials’ custom cardboard displays, safety is an issue. Employees can get hurt if the metal sides and corners are not properly shaped. The same goes for the customers.

5. Environmental Friendly


A point-of-purchase display made of cardboard is a great choice for eco-friendly businesses. You can print colorful designs on cardboard using inks made from vegetables, and it's completely recyclable. Recycling post-consumer trash yields a lot of cardboard resources, making it a win-win situation.


You may keep ahead of the marketing curve and appeal to the sensitivities of contemporary consumers by building a durable brand image with suitable displays. So, for eco-friendly advertising on a budget, cardboard is a great option.


Because of its porosity, cardboard is an excellent medium for experimenting with different kinds of ink. Cardboard is a great medium for advertising ideas as any flat surface of the material may be printed on.

6. Effective Sales Strategy

The usage of custom cardboard displays in the retail industry is commonplace. The material's printing capabilities allow for vivid colors and clear pictures, making it an enticing choice. Custom cardboard displays are a cheap and simple method to advertise your company. All your things will be neatly contained in these displays, making them eye-catching and inviting.


With custom POS displays, you have a lot of leeway in design and printing. They are modifiable in form, so you may add shelves or pockets to suit your product. An extra flat area for full-color advertising is at your disposal. Stickers and printing are a breeze on the porous substance.


There is an almost infinite variety of designs available for cardboard displays, making them suited for every aspect of a business. Request a floor display for the aisles, a countertop display for the checkout area, or a display for your trade show booth. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing cardboard.

Bottom Line

Customer cardboard displays are gaining popularity as marketing tools due to their many useful features and advantages as mentioned above. Moreover, custom cardboard displays are a great surface for a vast range of printed materials, including but not limited to mascots, holiday or season images, corporate logos, slogans, product instructions, warnings, and special promotions.


Among the best display stand manufacturers is ILove Packaging stands at the forefront to help our clients get top-quality products. Clients will be able to devote more time and energy to product development marketing and sales by letting us take care of the complexity of the manufacturing Custom Cardboard Displays.  

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